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Broadway Musical One Day Intensive Workshop

Attended by Vocal Music Teacher Sergey Tkachenko

Artist in Residence, Christine Bass, presenting in AP Music Theory class, on behalf of Instrumental Music Teacher, Christopher Norris

Teacher Grants

  • Is there a subject that could be brought more to life by incorporating the arts in your classroom studies?

  • Is there a cross-curricular project that you had in mind that could be enhanced by including music, art or drama?

  • Is there an arts project you wish you had the funding to undertake?

MoorArts offers grants in fine and performing arts, and arts related projects, to teachers in the Moorestown Township School District. We welcome all teachers to apply and all ideas are welcome, although the major thrust of the project must be related to the arts. Multi-teacher applications are welcome, and cross-curricular projects are encouraged. 

Grant applications are reviewed throughout the year at our monthly meetings. Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as funds allow. All grant applications are submitted online, using the link above. We will let you know via email when your grant application has been reviewed.

Please review our grants guidelines prior to submitting your application.


View information and awards that past recipients have recieved. 

Read what teachers who have received grants have to say.

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